Our Menus

We are particularly proud of our kitchen and our menus. Our aim is to avoid feeding our children the "usual stuff" like processed meats, white bread and margarine.

  • Our vegetables are fresh not tinned (we do use frozen peas and sweetcorn)
  • They are prepared meal by meal to preserve nutrients - especially vitamins
  • We steam. We don't boil
  • We have no deep fat fryer (& we 'aint getting one). We may saute onions and other veg if preparing them for a dish such as lasagne
  • We don't use cheap fatty cuts of meat, or fatty mince, in our dishes
  • We use a wide variety of vegetables and fruit to give each child a wide variety of tastes and cook dishes from around the world as authentically as possible (except for spicy foods where we will cook a mild version).

But we serve the old favourites as well, including beans on wholemeal toast and fish & chips ( grilled fish and low-fat oven chips)

Our food has to be good, not just for the children but also because our staff share mealtimes with them, providing role models and giving a sense of family mealtimes rather than a cafeteria. You would be surprised at how developed children's palates are, and our policies encourage them to try new foods and tastes.

We're always on the lookout for new ideas. If you have a recipe you think our children will like, send it to us using the messageboard below. If we use it we'll give you full credit.

Here is our actual first week's menu.