Special Offers





Special Offer for Eldon Grove School - Free Pickups and/or Drop-offs
As many parents know, getting a day nursery to pick up or drop off your children at school can cost a fortune - and £5 or £6 a time adds up!
Ready Steady Grow! couldn't be any closer to Eldon Grove School unless it was in the Head Teacher's office, so we're offering a fantastic deal to Eldon Grove School parents:

For any child placed with us, we will pick up or drop off at Eldon Grove School for free! All you pay for is the time your child spends at Ready Steady Grow!

  • For children who attend Eldon Grove Nursery in the mornings, We will take your child from 8.00am, give them breakfast, take them to their Eldon Grove session, then pick them up again and look after them until you are ready to take them home (up until 6.00pm). If you want to take them straight to school yourself that's fine, we'll still pick them up afterwards.
  • For afternoon children, you can drop them off any time from 8.00am, we'll take them to their Eldon Grove session then bring them back until you are ready to pick them up (up to 6.00pm).
  • This special deal isn't introductory - it's permanent!


Special Deal for Siblings

We do all we can to keep our charges down, but childcare can be an expensive business and this is doubly so where parents need two children looking after.
At Ready Steady Grow! if you place two or more siblings with us we will reduce the second and subsequent child's bill by 10% for as long as both (or all) children are with us